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About me

I’m a New York-based (born in Sydney, most recently via London) journalist who is interested in the space where the personal meets the political. I’ve written about feminism, politics and social trends for publications including ABC Unleashed, The Age, The Atlantic, The Australian Literary Review, Cleo,  Cosmopolitan, The Courier-Mail, Daily Life, Girlfriend, Glamour, Grazia, Jezebel, The Monthly, New Matilda,, Russh, The Spectator, Stylist, Sunday Life, The Sydney Morning Herald, Vogue, The Walkley Magazine, YEN and more. And I’m currently finishing up a book on sex, power and identity for Simon & Schuster.

I’m excited by feminism, sociology, big ideas that are just about to break, meeting interesting people and connecting them with each other. 

That desire to connect with people is also the reason I started this blog, way back in October 2007. Over the past six years, I’ve connected with 100,000 subscribers around the global, been named one of Australia’s Best Feminist Blogs, nominated for Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Female Awards and listed as one of’s 40 Bloggers to Watch.

One time, I traipsed through a field in the north of France (above) and it looked pretty whimsical.

I can be reached via email, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also ask me questions for my Ask Rachel column here.

Wondering where to get started? Here are some of my favourite posts…

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