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Check out my cover story in today’s Sunday Life

As a full-time freelance writer, I’m pretty much grateful for any work that’s thrown my way (another month not on the breadline, woo!), but suffice to say there are some stories I’m more fond of than others.

My very favourites possess that winning trifecta of: a) being about a topic I’m very interested in, b) giving me the space to explore it in-depth and hopefully insightfully and c) being successfully executed in a manner that lives up to the fantasies I had back when I first pitched it to the editor.

My story in Sunday Life today, on media representations of single women, fulfills all of the above criteria, and thus I rather love it. It was first inspired by this post on The Pursuit of Harpyness, in turn inspired by an essay by Sarah Churchwell in The Guardian, on the continuing pressure on young women “to get married young and have babies”.

It got me thinking about Virginia Haussegger’s famous 2002 opinion piece in The Age, and how different the contemporary narrative around women, career and family was to the one she described back then. I wanted to look at how the public narrative had changed and how it was impacting women emotionally and intellectually.

You can read the resulting article (complete with a very interesting interview with Haussegger) in today’s Fairfax papers. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

Updated to include a link to the story.

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