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If you read one thing this weekend, make it Hugo Schwyzer’s The Lolita Myth and the Lingering Lie of Male Weakness:

Some teens do want, or think they want, sexual attention from older men. But the reality that underage girls (be they 11 or 17) occasionally behave seductively towards older men doesn’t mean that older men can “be seduced.” The word “seduce” means “to be led away” or “to be led astray.” No adult is so weak that he (or she) is powerless to refuse sexual temptation, much less from a child. As powerful as the libido is, it is not so strong as to trump the will. (Good Men Project)

Devin Troy Strother (artwork above) knows how to throw a party on a canvas." (Lost at E Minor)

And speaking of parties, here are a bunch of photos from my recent wedding. (Belinda Dipalo Flickr)

Banking as a high impact ethical career?:

Wealth, of course, can be spent on champagne and yachts and private jets.  But it can also be spent on helping people.  In fact, there are reasons for thinking that, if you spend your money wisely, you can do much more good by taking a lucrative career such as banking than by pursuing a conventional ‘ethical’ career such as charity work. (Practical Ethics)

Can you trust the editorial integrity of style blogs? (Fashionista)

Work hard, not long: the surprisingly relaxed lives of elite achievers. (Study Hacks)

Joan Didion’s packing tips for reporting trips. (Something Changed)

Glee earned itself a ratings boost with its triple-virginity loss episode. Here’s what they got wrong, and what they got right. (How To Lose Your Virginity, Time)

Hey America, life sucks? Welcome to the real world:

She paints a picture that is bleak: young people without stable or high-salaried jobs, no disposable incomes, no safety nets. … There is a loaded implication in these statements. “It shouldn’t be like this.” This isn’t fair. It isn’t just. No, it’s not just. And yet this is what life is like for just about everyone else in the world. (Kapooka Baby)

Former Harpers editor Lewis Lapham’s revolutionary reading list. (Melville House)

The missing maternal link: I talk We Need To Talk About Kevin and maternal ambivalence in Sunday Life and the SMHAge. (Sydney Morning Herald)

The no new gifts holiday challenge. (Zen Habits)

Success is relative. (Yes and Yes)

The trouble with “it just happened” sex. (Jezebel)