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If you read one thing this weekend, make it Veronica Grow’s adorable and accessible (yet thought provoking!) introduction to race relations, A Kit For Uptight White People.

Chally tackles the bizarre media coverage of the severe maiming of beautiful 23-year-old Lauren Scruggs, who fractured her skull and severed her hand when she accidentally walked into the propeller of a small plane:

Women are shepherded into a box in which we’re taught our only worth is in embodying those beauty standards, in being desirable on heteronormative and otherwise narrow terms, and, increasingly, in being famous in ways that relate to this. Women are expected to do this, and feared, envied, pined for, and spat on as a result. Misogyny sets up a sword of Damocles, and the world waits until that horsehair snaps and the tension releases. People like Ms Scruggs cop the fallout: huge, international media attention directed at positioning her as a tragedy, a perfect being fallen. (Hoyden About Town)

How I write: great advice from Kate Swoboda. (Your Courageous Life)

Is friendship a feminist act? (Sociological Images)

Five easy ways readers can help out their favourite authors. (Lusty Lady)

My friend Matt Clayfield remembers one of his idols, Christopher Hitchens, beautifully:

"I had real plans for my next decade," Hitchens said not long ago, "and felt I’d worked hard enough to earn it."  I have real plans for my next decade, too, but haven’t worked hard enough to earn anything. The best way to express my solidarity today is to dedicate myself more fully to doing so. (Matthew Clayfield)

The benefits of being a blogging outsider. (Final Fashion)

Bust that ego, block out the distractions and work on something that matters. You’re not as busy as you think. (Chris Brogan)

What reality TV does to girls. (Autostraddle)