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It’s a couple of weeks old now, but Clementine Ford’s essay on body image is full of “yes”:

Girl, you look much healthier now! Girl, stay just like this! Girl, do you think you need that second helping? Girl, you need to start watching what you eat again. Girl, you made me promise I would tell you if you ever started getting fat again and I’m just keeping my promise. Girl, don’t blame me – I’m just trying to help. (Mamamia)

Fashion celebs and their look-a-like animals. (Lost At E Minor)

Attention: “You look great! Have you lost weight?” is not a compliment. (Broadist)

Why there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be alone, Greta Garbo style. (Persephone Magazine)

Did you know Tyra Banks published a novel? About an ANTM-style modelling school in an alternative universe? I didn’t, but Ann-Derrick Gaillot has kindly reviewed it, feminist style, for our edification. (Bitch)

Some notes from inside the closet. (Notes From Inside The Closet)

Sady Doyle deconstructs the hidden class dynamics in the recent spate of “single ladies” stories. (In These Times)

I’ve been loving Natalie Perkins’ stuff on “ugly femme pride”. (Definatalie)

This NYT profile kind of made me want to be Carine Roitfeld. Make of that what you will. (New York Times)

Shit white girls say to black girls. (Youtube)

I’ve been freelancing for seven years now, and I still learnt things from this guide on how not to pitch. (The Open Notebook)

As a woman who writes (usually) serious articles for the “life and style” section, these recent meditations on why stories about women are usually relegated to - you guessed it - the “life and style” section, got me thinking. (Jessica Valenti, This Ain’t Living, We Mixed Our Drinks)

Okay, it seems like a weird argument to make, but Lee Siegal 60% won me over with his claim that we’re hell bent on desexualising Marilyn Monroe. (New York Review of Books)

Save the world, wear less clothing. (Emily D’ath)


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