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A short but sweet collection of links on feminism, creativity and the politics of everyday life.

Low-Commitment projects: making stuff happen with little time and energy. (Low-Commitment Projects)

Hilarious. The Purity Bear will cock block you until you’re married. (Jezebel)

Why #mtrsues is good for feminism. (The News With Nipples)

"Tory feminism" is feminism for the 1%. (The F Word)

The real advantage rich kids have is the confidence that they’ll be “okay”. (Penelope Trunk)

"The [high fashion] waif is thus chosen not as a type with a great sex appeal to men, but rather as an exaggerated version of what insecure women feel they ought to look more like." (What Would Phoebe Do)

What do your shoes say about you? Mine say I’m a peasant. (Final Fashion)

Why Liz Lemon needs a divorce from Tina Fey. (Bitch Magazine)

Out of the mouths of US Presidential candidates comes… Shit Homophobic People Say. (Lost at E Minor)


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