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This week’s best reads on gender, politics and creativity… chopped up, roasted and served to you on a platter.

Lego Moleskins. Tell me you don’t want one. (Lost at E Minor)

"A feminism that doesn’t allow for paradoxes and contradictions in the ideals versus lived experiences of its proponents is not terribly useful." Elizabeth Nolan Brown talks Hugo Schwyzer. (Elizabeth Nolan Brown)

Celia Emmelhainz on the rhetoric of luck in the 99 percent:

Yet the current economic and political situation didn’t just happen to either the “lucky” or the “unlucky” ones. As in other periods of U.S. economic history since the 1700s, the underemployment, debt, financial instability, and lack of affordable life-goods that Americans face are the result of deliberate policies designed to streamline and protect growth for investors, large corporations, and other profiteers. (Sociological Images)

How to engage with criticism. (Seth Godin)

What the failure of Katherine Heigl’s career says about women in Hollywood:

However, the problem with Heigl herself is that she’s good at talking the talk — speaking out about the inherent sexism in the movie industry — but terrible stepping out and doing anything about it, and she seems almost willfully against challenging the norms of gender in cinema that she criticizes. In an interview conducted shortly after Knocked Up made her a star, Heigl criticized the fact that every up-and-coming actress is touted to be the “next Julia Roberts” but mentioned, “There’s not another woman I look at and think, ‘That’s it. That’s whose career I want to have.’” (In Our Words)

Funny! All woman panel has some great ideas about men’s sexual health. (RH Reality Check)

10 ways to feel rich. (Yes and Yes)

Sarah Nicole Pickett on the collective bargaining of creative success:

Still, for reasons economic and otherwise, we won’t all work for ourselves. More and more of us, I think, will work for each other. Not in the old ladder-climbing way, but in a new friends-with-benefits-and-maybe-someday-a-salary way. (Toronto Standard via Jessica Stanley)

Some of the best advice I’ve read on how to stay productive and get lots of shit done. (Illuminated Mind)

Or on the other hand, you could stop being a tortured creative and go and have fun. (Nextness)