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The truth is that these groups aren’t trying to make feminism popular; they’re trying to make it theirs. Attempts to “revive” a movement that’s alive and well is about wresting and keeping control away from the activists who made it what it is. This is especially true now, when the move to redefine and rebrand feminism coincides so closely with the increased power and influence of online activists and insurgent younger feminists, specifically women of color.

Jessica Valenti tackles the “rebranding feminism" question.

The changes that have occurred to feminism since feminism became part of the blogosphere have been the exact kinds of changes you’d expect to see when women are having to do feminism in front of men. … Positions determined to be too radical are sanded down, and it’s de rigeur for third-wave feminists to angrily declare that they’re not like those other feminists who are mean and nasty to men, the man-haters, the bra-burners, the TERFs, the Andrea Dworkin, whoever’s the boogeyman identified by men in the comments sections and subreddits where women are trying to do feminism today.

"Shared girlhood," Red Herrings, and the Creation of the Third Wave - culturallyboundgender (via mediumtrip)

I actually disagree with this quote entirely. I think feminism has become much more radical (by which I mean innovative and boundary pushing) since the explosion of feminism in the blogosphere. We’re in the fourth wave now.

(via tdaluis)