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Mirror Self Shot of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. (Rawz via Something Changed)

Most articles on sugar daddies? Yawn. Laurie Penny on sugar daddies? Actually interesting:

Frantic ads like this did not begin with the global downturn, nor with the Internet. You can find them in the back pages of newspapers, scrawled on toilet walls, probably even etched on stones flung into rivers by anguished Romans centuries before Christ was born. The Internet has made the process less furtive, formalizing it within the antiseptic human catalog of online dating. And the current crisis of capitalism is altering gender and sexual relations further, not only by obliging more poor men and women to sell sex to survive, but by bringing financial desperation into our most intimate socio-erotic fantasies. (

"We’ve got to be artists of some kind." On Girls, Young Adult and The Hunger Games. (3quarksdaily)

Speaking of which… What it cost eight women writers to make it in New York. (The Awl)

And also: how to actually get a job with a liberal arts degree. (Yes and Yes)

What happens when moms tell their daughters they’re too fat?:

When your mother is essentially siding with society that something’s wrong with you, girls don’t have a safe haven to go to when they’re home. You’re being watched and that creates a lot of self consciousness; and the message the girl is receiving quite widely is that when you’re overweight, “I’m going to be on you and you’re going to need me to take over for you because you’re unable to take care of yourself.” And when you’re thin, you’re going to get a lot of accolades and, “I’m going to put you in Vogue and I’m going to cheer you on and be proud of you.” That can backfire. (Buzzfeed)

Ten things to do when you’re feeling hopeless. (How to Save the World)

If childcare and housekeeping were important, men would do them. (Clutch Magazine)

Can the Tea Party take Japan? (The Atlantic)