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My book: The Sex Myth

Forthcoming Simon & Schuster 2014.

The Sex Myth isa consciousness-raising call to arms which explores the great expectations shaping the way we think about and experience sex: how sex has become the marker of who we are and how we fit in—and how it is almost impossible to live up to the hype.

A must watch for anyone who’s felt their sexual life questioned, criticized, or had themselves defined by their sex lives.” - Elizabeth, Facebook.

A horrifying yet fascinating window into the world of insecure women with a shopping list of issues surrounding sex.” - Bokehpete, YouTube.

"So refreshing to hear a counterargument to the ‘Sex Myth.’ People need to be more honest about their sexuality so that others can feel more included in what is considered ‘normal’. Because like with anything, there is no ‘normal’ and we are not defined by our sexual behavior or lack their of." - Katherine, Tumblr

This really made me think and question what sex myths I PERSONALLY buy into. Very thought provoking” - Lusty-Elle, Tumblr.